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Design Tips for Your Printed Roll Label

Printing labels can be challenging. When designing a custom roll label, choosing the correct shape of the label is important for a number of reasons. It doesn’t happen too often, bust some businesses don’t know which shape would work best for their product. 

Speaking to a print company who specializes in roll label printing, can offer advice and high quality printing. Having a professional looking label not only will attract customers, it will also gain their trust in your product and brand. 

Continue to read and learn how choosing the shape of you label can affect how you'll design the roll label.

Bottles and Containers 

As we all know, the variety of bottles and product containers are….well endless. There are a lot of shapes and packaging considerations. Let’s look at the bottle as an example. The bottle has a straight and smooth sides that can work with a variety of shapes, because it will not disport the product label once it’s been applied to the bottle.

 Some bottles can present a labeling challenge, these bottles are the ones that tapers. (a wine bottle is a good example). Choosing a custom roll label for such a bottle would be the best process. If you’re not sure if your container or bottle tapers, place a ruler beside the item and see if there is space between the ruler and bottle. If there is space between the ruler and container or bottle…you have a tapered item.  take time to view a variety of labels on Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=roll%20labels

Label Shapes and Designs

Choose a printing company to print your labels as it gives you more control over the final design and overall look. A printing company can give advice and they will understand the print requirements for a variety of bottles and containers. A print company can help! They are experts! 

A printing company will also be able to make it easier for you to understand the pros and cons of the label shapes. Below are some of the more common shapes of roll labels that may help you decide on which label shape is best for your product

Oval Shaped Label

If you want your label to display a classy look, this can be done by using an oval roll label. These labels have been used on packaged food containers, beverages and salon and spa products. These labels look great when designed correctly - a simple designs. 

The designs for oval labels offer a simpler look than other labels because they offer the least amount of space for designing. If you’re thinking about choosing an oval shaped label, keep an eye on the final project file. It’s important to understand where the cut line is to better ensure consistency. Choosing an online print company will ensure your label is designed correctly and the final file will be accurate. A lot of printing companies over templates to ensure your file will be accurate, just do your research.

Rectangular Shape

Majority of labels that are produced are rectangular. This is because they offer a large canvas which is ideal for designing a product label. Your designer will be happy! A rectangle shaped label is offered in two different shapes; rounded and square shaped. Choosing a rounded label allows it to be more permanent on the product as it won’t easily flag. This is referred to as when the corner lifts up from the surface. This is why you’ll see majority of the labels printed with rounded corners. 

Square labels can display more of a contemporary look but as explained earlier, it has a tendency to flagging as the corners can easily be caught on something and lift up more easily than rounded corners. 

Rectangular Shaped Roll Label
Example of a Rectangular Shaped Label

Circle Shaped Labels

Similar to oval shaped logos, circle shaped labels limits the amount of design that can be printed. Designing a fun and bright circular sticker is a great way to advertise and gather consumers. A simple and effective sticker may only include your company logo and some text. 

Printed Sticker
Example of a Circle Shaped Sticker

Square Shaped Label

To achieve a certain look, square labels are a great option. For example, small square printed labels designed with a graphic and text can be used as a warning label for certain industrial products. They can also be used as save-the-date stickers, bar code labels for products and more.

Choosing a larger square label offers more space which makes it easier to include a company logo, graphics, images and text. These aspects can help make it easier for your product to grab a consumer attention and find your product. Learn more about the variety of labels available here - https://www.primoprint.com/roll-labels

Custom Roll Label
Example of a Square Label

Custom Printed Roll Labels

If you feel the above labels will not represent your product of company, you can always create a custom roll label. Be prepared that creating a custom roll label will cost more than a standard size offered by printing companies. 

If you are still unsure which label is best for your product, contact a roll label printing company and they will be able to help you come up with a great design for your product. You can also read more about roll labels and their properties by visiting a support center about roll labels. Remember, most companies offer a free sample packet. This can help you decide on the finish and shape. Best of luck!

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