Thursday, April 3, 2014

Which is the Right Roll Label for your Product?

Choosing a Custom Roll Label
The use of a proper roll label is important for any product being sold online or at retail stores. Customers need to know basic information, such as price, product name, and other information. Roll label printing not only brings a product to life, it also allows businesses to track inventory levels as products are continuously sold. 

Below are a few reason in why choosing the correct label for a product container is important. 

Container Shape 

The shape of the container for a product will be a significant factor to the best type of label. There may be a certain label that will work better than another for a particular container. A round container will be a shape that is better suited for a wrap around label. Square containers are a shape that is best for panel labels as they can easily fit on the side, back, or the front. A pressure sensitive label will be best for any container that is an irregular shape. 

Label Application 

Labels for product container can be applied by hand or by a machine. Many small businesses will often have a supply of products that can be labeled by hand. However, certain labels will work better using a manual or automatic applicator. Labels often have specific requirements for the application on a product container. Review the specifications of the label applicator to determine the best option for use at a business. There is also the climate of the area where a product will be stored. A storage area which is damp or not adequately climate controlled may require a label with a special adhesive. 

Container Material 

Product containers often consist of cardboard or plastic. This means the product packaging needs to be known when considering label options. Labels with a regular adhesive will work on packaging that has cardboard or clear plastic. If a product container has a slick or waxy feel, then the choice of label needs special consideration. Certain types of products may have packaging which will require a label that has a laminate coating rather than a paper material. 

Container Color 

The color of the container for a product will be a major factor to packaging label. White labels work on all types of container colors ranging from white to clear. However, a clear container will benefit from a label that is clear. 

When deciding on a custom roll label, review all the options that are offered by an online printing company. By doing so, a company would be able to find the best option for any container that requires a label. Learn more by reading additional blogs below.  

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