Thursday, April 23, 2015

Types of Roll Labels

There are a variety of different business practices to run a successful business. Every business wants to be successful! Becoming successful means that a business must find a method of doing their business that works well for a particular product or service. But, there are ways that seem to work in all business cases. Most businesses that you find or come across unexceptionally want to use labels on product to sell.

Custom roll labels are ideal fro allowing a business not only to brand their business but to place simple information on a product. A simple way to convey information easily. 
Most roll labels are used for displaying prices. By having the price on the label, it's often the first thing that customers see when shopping. It may grab their attention and further investigate the item and could lead to a purchase. 

There are a variety of labels to choose from such as the metallic roll label, white BOPP label, clear BOPP label and the semi gloss label. 
The metallic shiny label is a great choice if a business is wanting to "jump" off the isle and tell the customer to look at me! They have a mirror like appearance and they are great for packaging products, bottles or branding items and products. 

The BOPP labels either come in clear or white. Both types are water resistant and oil resistant making them great fro bottle containers or items that may need to be frozen or refrigerates as they are resistant to water. 

Another great label is a semi-gloss paper label. An example of this roll label can be found at your neighborhood cupcake store. They are usually placed on top of the box that's full of the goodies. They often display the company logo and tagline with their business information. They are great for branding. 

There are a variety of roll label printing companies to look into. Some popular choices may include Primo Print:, Red Bird Printing: and Poly Craft:

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